Helping your body
heal itself 

Caadio is a platform for athletes and active people looking for intelligent recovery and smarter workouts. All training information can be shared with doctors and coaches so they can help you achieve your absolute peak performance.
Know Your Recovery
Caadio monitors how your body recovers during your daily life and training sessions. Know exactly when it’s time to slow down or speed up—and how long it takes to get back to 100%. 
Reach Your Peak
Find your maximum output and see how much you’re pushing yourself with every training session.
Coach Yourself Up
Caadio Link lets your coaches and doctors view recovery, performance, and vital signs so they can put you on the best possible path. 
Stay Vital
Monitor your vital signs to spot potential threats early on. Share them with your doctors and coaches and take action if needed. 
Track your sleep and get deeper stage analysis
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You Train What You Eat
An optimized athlete needs balanced nutrition. Track what you put into your body and see how it impacts your performance. 
Get Your Caadio
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